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Enabling the Maritime Community Trough Connectivity for 30 Years!

A lot of new companies claim their technology can give you reliable communication
and television at sea, but Sea Tel has done it successfully already for 30 years.

Sea Tel has more choices for every marine application. Broadband, Telecommunications, and HDTV antennas
with patented 3-axis satellite tracking system and built-in GPS. Choose from 22 different antennas ranging
from 14″ to 144″ for commercial vessels, megayachts, and pleasure boats of all sizes.


Sea Tel 09-Series VSAT

New Sea Tel 09-Series VSAT antenna system has been designed and tested to meet the most demanding sea state conditions in the maritime environment with an emphasis on reliability, simplicity and maintainability. Building on the success of the 06 series VSAT antennas, Cobham Satcom have announced the launch of its successor. The replacement Ku band 09 series will still be available in 40 inch (1m) and 60 inch (1.5m) versions as well as a new 50 inch 1.2m version.

Among the many improvements over previous models, the above decks unit is in a brand new radome. Inside, much of the electronics has been simplified by combining functions into a single electronics pack.

Enhancing the Sea Tel marques reputation for industrial strength and reliability, the new unit will be even tougher. For example, there is a new heave damping mechanism that reduces shock loading and increases survivability in extreme conditions.


DTV04 HD TVRO antenna

Sea Tel, world leader in stabilized marine antenna systems, introduces the first 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system that is compatible with DIRECTV’s Ka-Band satellites. The Model DTV04 HD is also the only marine stabilized antenna system that can deliver 3 Ku-Band satellites (101W, 110W, and 119W) and 2 Ka-Band satellites (99W and 103W) with one antenna system. There is no need to have a second antenna system for Ka-Band reception.


TSC-10A Touch Screen Controller

The Sea Tel TSC-10A Touch Screen Controller provides a user friendly graphic interface which is used to remotely monitor and control a Sea Tel Stabilized Antenna and its Digital Antenna Control Unit. It works with any Sea Tel TVRO or Tx/Rx antenna that uses a DAC-2202 Antenna Control Unit.


ST 14 Antenna

The Sea Tel ST 14 antenna is compact, with a 14” diameter dish inside an attractive white radome that is just 18” tall and weighs only 25 lbs. The ST14 has a different design than our previous antenna systems. The new pedestal assembly is made of a highly reliable and durable nylon polyamide injection molding that is used on a very large number of products including aircraft antennas.


Sea Tel by Cobham SATCOM

Sea Tel marine antennas for commercial & navy vessels, oil/gas platforms and yachts of all sizes.

The original and still the best!

Television  -  Broadband  -  Telephone
Sea Tel is the world’s leading manufacturers of marine stabilized antenna systems for satellite communications and satellite television as sea ranging from 14 inches to 14 feet. The company has 30 years of experience and is dedicated to constant improvement through innovation and design enhancement.

Sea Tel marine products are known around the world for providing the best in stabilized antennas for navy, commercial shipping, oil and gas platforms, cruise ships and super yachts. There are more than 30.000 antenna systems in the field. “SeaTel’s market share… is currently around 75% globally.” – 2009. Comsys report.